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Folkmoot USA is a non-profit 501(c)[3] organization that relies upon donations, sponsorships, memberships and grants to provide year-round programming at the Folkmoot Friendship Center and to produce Folkmoot USA, an annual 2-week celebration of global culture.
Since its inception in 1983, Folkmoot has been supported by the Friends of Folkmoot. Friends of Folkmoot join at a variety of giving levels, and enjoy a Folkmoot Gala each year, at the beginning of the International Festival.
Giving Levels:
  • $175 (2 tickets to gala or another event)
  • $300 (4 tickets to gala or another event)
  • $500 (6 tickets to gala or another event)
  • $1,000 (8 tickets to gala or another event)


Your Donation

Thank you for responding to our plea for assistance amid the COVID-19 crisis

Just one month ago we celebrated the launch of our 2020 program schedule – our broadest ever – and looked forward to a fine-tuned international festival in July. Now, over the last three weeks, since we’ve come to understand the potential impacts of COVID-19, we’ve canceled 25 events and laid off most of our employees.
Folkmoot’s Board of Directors have begun a difficult restructuring process to assist in our organization’s survival. We are exploring sensible solutions that will preserve Folkmoot, make the best of a terrible situation and help our organization continue to share our mission of celebrating culture in Western North Carolina communities.

We hope that those of you who appreciate our long history and who want Folkmoot to survive will lend a helping hand. It’s a stressful time for many, but if you’re able to make a contribution, please consider Folkmoot. Now is the time.

Please click below to give electronically below in a single sum, or call the Folkmoot office at 828-452-2997 to discuss monthly giving options.
We are grateful for your support.
Angie Schwab, Executive Director 828-452-2997, ext. 100
David Francis, Board President
Your Donation

Campaign for Historic Hazelwood School

The nearly 100-year-old Hazelwood School is entering a new era — one with the dream of revitalizing the community in a way that rebuilds a community hub that was the hallmark of the long-closed school. Under a new vision, the school will become a year-around resource for arts and cultural engagement, education, creative entrepreneurship and community development.

At Folkmoot, we envision a community that welcomes diversity, celebrates cultural arts, embraces creativity and participates wholeheartedly in the activities that connect us.

Several years ago, our board began discussing ways to make the organization into far more than an effort that brought a once-a-year festival to the county. The vision was to organize music and cultural programs throughout the year and have our large building be more than just the focal point of our summer international festival.

The vision has taken shape and now: programs and events are held weekly at the center, and space is rented out to efforts that complement the mission. A boarding school rents part of the space for 10 months of the year.

But to push through to our vision of full, year-around occupancy, critical infrastructure needs must be met.

Those who support the fundraising campaign will be helping launch more festivals, music, arts and cultural events to help make Haywood County a rich place to live, work and raise a family. Donors will not only be rewarded by helping promote Hazelwood and preserve its history, but will be recognized for their contribution in a variety of ways.

All contributions will be acknowledged broadly in local media (unless you request otherwise).

Contributions of any amount are appreciated! 
Donors giving $100 will receive two tickets to a Songwriters in the Round event of your choice. 
Donors giving $250 will receive two tickets to Mountain Memories I, November 16th. 
Donors giving $500 or more are invited to attend both events, Mountain Memories, November 16th or Mountain Memories II, December 14th. 

Donors giving $1,000 or more will receive six tickets to Folkmoot’s year-round events. 

Donors will be contacted by Folkmoot staff to arrange ticketing. 

Donors giving more than $2,500 (in any phase of the campaign) will be recognized in Folkmoot’s new donor wall in the lobby of the historic Hazelwood School.

Donors providing $5,000 will be recognized with dedicated benches and landscaping outside of the center, while those contributing over $10,000 will have a classroom dedicated in their name.

Individuals contributing $25,000 — $100,000 (in any phase of the campaign) will have an opportunity to sponsor a portion of the building.

Campaign for Historic Hazelwood School
Your Donation