Folkmoot is …

An international dance and music festival!

Each summer since 1984 a kaleidoscope of musicians and dancers from across the globe have visited the delightful North Carolina mountain town of Waynesville as part of the Folkmoot International Dance and Music Festival. More than 8,000 international performers from 200 countries have participated through the decades.

And a year-round arts and cultural center

Folkmoot, now at its home at the historic Hazelwood School, is transitioning from a two week festival to a year-round cultural center, with a focus on programs and events that celebrate diversity and differences, encourage cultural conversation and inclusion, and preserve and honor worldwide cultural heritages, especially using dance and music as a tool to achieve world peace.

I think the first Folkmoot I went to was the 3rd or 4th one ever ... it was a staple of my childhood summers in Junaluska and I can't wait to see it again next year!
Summers Sutherland