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What is Folkmoot?

A 36-year-old international festival, and a year-round arts and cultural center!

Each summer since 1984 a kaleidoscope of musicians and dancers from across the globe have visited Waynesville, NC, as part of the Folkmoot International Dance and Music Festival.

Folkmoot is also a year-round cultural center, with programs and events that celebrate diversity, encourage cultural conversation, and preserve and honor worldwide cultural heritages.

It was a beautiful, sublime & golden evening

We’re proud that the mountains of Western North Carolina welcome the world to our region every July! But we’re more than the festival:

  • We’re a performance center that hosts all sorts of concerts, all year long.
  • We’re a center for the arts.
  • We’re an educational facility that welcomes and advocates for diversity.
  • We’re a staging ground for “cultural conversations.”
  • We host regular “friendship dinners” that bring the world to our table.
  • We’re a special events place that is kid-friendly and lots of fun.

We’re a festival, and then much more!

Want to visit?

Hours: 9am – 5pm, Monday – Friday
(Plus special hours for events)


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