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Images & videos from Folkmoot Summer 2015

We continue to compile more images & videos from Folkmoot Summer 2015! As anyone could guess, Folkmoot is a veritable paradise of bright images and videos, dance and movement, energetic people with broad smiles and engaging personalities. Here,…
Folkmoot Summer 2015 images remain forever!

Folkmoot Summer 2015 images remain forever!

The Folkmoot Summer Festival of 2015 closed its 10-day run July 26 but Folkmoot Summer 2015 images remain forever! In addition to being North Carolina's Official Folklife Festival and the biggest party of each summer in Western Carolina,…
Folkmoot Photos

Folkmoot Final Extravaganza Weekend!

It's been an extraordinary 10 days - a fanciful flight of color, art, music and drama - and it all comes together over the next three days in the Folkmoot final extravaganza weekend! From Franklin to Burnsville and Hickory - and most points…
Folkmoot 2016 - Blue Ridge Community College

Today: Asheville, Burnsville, Haywood Fairgrounds!

Folkmoot has three big performances today: Asheville, Burnsville, Haywood Fairgrounds! The world's folk dancers here for Folkmoot 2015 will travel today to Burnsville for an afternoon show Burnsville Town Center, back to Asheville for an…
Folkmoot Sponsors make it all possible

Sponsors make the performances possible!

Enjoying Folkmoot 2015? Yes! Our sponsors make the performances possible! And, yes, we are without question so very grateful for the thousands of private donations and volunteer efforts of the entire community. But without our generous…
Folkmoot tonight in Canton, Bryson City

Folkmoot tonight in Canton, Bryson City

Dance performances continue to spread across Western Carolina with Folkmoot tonight in Canton, Bryson City. The show in Canton begins at 7:30 p.m. in the historic Colonial Theater. Find links to tickets here. The show in Bryson City also…
Folkmoot 2016 - Colonial Theater - Canton

Folkmoot generates press; shows continue!

As North Carolina's Official Folklife Festival, one might expect Folkmoot generates press - and lots of it. Our 2015 Festival - underway now, performance schedule here - is no exception and for that we're grateful for the news and media organizations…
Folkmoot Photos

Folkmoot is in full swing! Three shows today!

Folkmoot is in full swing, hitting full stride on a grand opening weekend with performance today - Sunday, July 19 - in Asheville, Hickory at Lake Junaluska! The full ensemble - dancers from Chile, Philippines, Estonia, Puerto Rico,…
International Fest & International Art Festival!

Today: International Fest & International Art Festival!

Downtown Waynesville will be alive today with the sights, the colors, the music & sound, the dancing and the art of Folkmoot International Fest & International Art Festival! Beginning at 10 a.m. and running through 5 p.m. on Main…
Town of Waynesville to Folkmoot: $35,000

Parade of Nations! Today! 1 p.m., Waynesville!

It will be a beautiful Western Carolina day today - July 17 - when one of the most popular annual Folkmoot events marches down Main Street, Waynesville: the Parade of Nations! Today! The parade kicks off around 1 p.m. near Waynesville Town…
Say, "hello," in Spanish - Folkmoot 2015

Folkmoot gets underway!

Folkmoot Friendship Center is already buzzing with activity as dance troupes arrive, get settled in, prepare to entertain and be entertained like the rest of us! Join us here throughout the day for live updates. ..
World Methodist Museum, Lake Junaluska, NC

World Methodist Museum Welcomes Folkmoot

Lake Junaluska has long been a valued partner of Folkmoot and this week the World Methodist Museum welcomes Folkmoot with flags of some of our participating nations! Flags draping the entrance of the museum this week highlight Bangladesh,…