Southern Storytellers Series

Three more dates on tap in our 2019 Southern Storytellers Series

Year-round programming at Folkmoot includes this series of writers, artists and musicians sharing stories that illustrate authentic, living and historic southern culture. Storytellers events include a program by the authors, southern foods and beverages, visual displays and panel discussions. The Southern Storytellers Series features up to nine events throughout the year. 

Folkmoot Southern Storytellers Supper Series



Each Storytellers event begins at 6pm, and includes dinner


112 Virginia Ave., Waynesville | Historic Hazelwood School | Folkmoot Center

Southern Storytellers Supper Series | Upcoming Dates

Wm. Ritter & Sarah Ogletree • Oct. 17

Growing up in Western North Carolina gave both William Ritter and Sarah Ogletree a love for the music traditional to our area. They sing old love songs, new love songs, and traditional mountain music. William earned a masters in Appalachian Culture and Music and Sarah shares with him a passion for harmony singing and good old-fashioned tunes.

Courtney Lix • Nov. 21

Courtney Lix will share stories of the women featured in her book, “No Place for the Weary Kind: Women of the Smokies.” Come hear about women who possessed the tenacity and perseverance to survive in the remote Smokies of days past.