Programs & Activities

Programs and Activities:

From silly to serious, educational to entertaining, Folkmoot offers year-round events, programs, and activities designed to build community and change lives through cultural engagement.

Sharing Dance.  Music.  Conversation.  Friendship dinners.  Family fun programs.  Storytelling.  Yep, we share – through culture, with opportunities to get to know each other, in important ways that increase inclusivity and acceptance.  We share our world with the world, and the world shares back with us.  It is a beautiful thing.

Friendship Dinners: There are few better ways to get to know folks than over a meal, especially if that meal is rich in its flavors, its history, its family traditions (and recipes), passed along generation after generation. Folkmoot and community partners offer friendship dinners throughout the year; most are held at the Folkmoot Friendship Center but some are held at partnering restaurants. Every month of the year. Join us.

Partnering Events:  Folkmoot is all about community building, so it stands to reason that partnerships are important to us:  partnerships allow us to stretch the budget, create important outreach, make new friends, and reach new audiences. With 40,000 square feet of Friendship Center, we have room for partners!

Camp Folkmoot:
During the Festival, dancers of all ages and abilities who are inspired by folk dance and live music can learn international folk dance with performers from around the globe. Learn basic concepts and movements, gain an appreciation of the similarities and differences between cultures, and hear the timeless, captivating stories behind the dances of each international group.

Cultural Crash Courses: Feature timely lectures and community dialogue led by experts from Western Carolina University, designed to help local residents understand would culture and the context surrounding world events. Dates are being selected for the Spring and Fall of 2018.

Southern Supper Series: Hosted by local author Chris Cox, in collaboration with Blue Ridge Books and the Haywood County Public Library. Authors present a 40-minute talk about their writing, accompanied by an illustrative food and beverage menu, audience questions, musical performances, visual art displays, dance, and/or panel discussions. Dates are being selected for the Spring and Fall 2018.

Cultural Conversations:

Through support from Cherokee Preservation Foundation, Western Carolina University and the Community Foundation of Western North Carolina, Folkmoot has taken a leadership role in the serious business of gathering people – folks like us, and folks who are “different” from us – and offering the chance to get to know each other, to consider different points of view, to explore difference and ultimately, to discover common ground and learn that we are so much more alike than we had ever thought.

*Community Leadership WNC: Join the growing list of elected representatives, business leaders, and concerned citizens determined to reach beyond differences to strengthen and unify their communities. Apply here for Spring 2018, fill out this application. 

For more information see the following articles:

“Folkmoot’s Cultural Conversations Inclusiveness Program Graduates First Class” by Cory Vaillancourt, Smoky Mountain News, May 24, 2017 (

*Youth Leadership in Diversity: Our program for high school students supports the North Carolina Department of Education’s vision that “Every public school student will graduate ready for post-secondary education and work, prepared to be a globally engaged and productive citizen.” Bringing together 11th grade students from different schools, we examine how individuals both inherit and create a personal identity; explore how personal identity influences our assessment of–and interactions with–others; assess the impact of greater inclusivity on communities, and create ways to foster mutual respect and cooperation within schools. Student nominations come through individual schools; check with your principal/counseling office.

*Teacher Training and Support: Open to teachers, administrators, and staff in K-12 education, this session of Cultural Conversations strives to equip those working in high schools throughout NC with the tools they need to navigate issues of cultural conflict among students on campus.