2019 Performers

2019 Folkmoot Festival performance groups

In a year-round process Folkmoot recruits cultural performance groups from across the globe. We strive to represent diversity and look for new countries and a variety of cultural expressions to impress our festival audiences.

To become a festival participant, group directors go through a lengthy selection process with our Group Relations Committee, led by Rolf Kaufman and staff member, Elizabeth Burson. After selection, the groups begin fundraising, preparing travel plans and visa arrangements to ensure smooth travel to Waynesville, North Carolina. You can imagine there are lots of challenges for our group directors to arrange travel for 10 – 30 dancers and musicians representing their countries! Current staff resists complaining by thinking of the complexities back at the beginning when Jackie Boldon, a founding Folkmoot director had to do everything we do in person or by mail! Thank goodness for the internet.

Please always check our Schedule of Events for upcoming Folkmoot events, showcases, and classes.

The Bahamas

Platinum Knights Junkanoo


Junkanoo is a street parade with music, dance, and costumes of Akan origin in many islands across the English speaking Caribbean every Boxing Day and New Year’s Day, the same as “Kakamotobi” or the Fancy Dress Festival of Ghana. The original Junkanoo is the strongest remaining African tradition in the Bahamas.

“Our organization is engineered by a group of veterans known to the junkanoo world. We are family oriented and our goal is to not only express our culture but to also teach it to our future generations. Platinum Knights group envisions the art of junkanoo evolving without straying away from its foundation.”


Corporacion Cultural Danza Arte y Tradición DANZAT


“Our mission is to train people with artistic, human and social values around the culture, especially the llanera dance; developing plans, programs and academic and artistic projects aimed at improving the quality of life and strengthening the social fabric of the citizens of the region.”


National Folkloric Dance Troupe of Egypt





“Marjanishvilelebi is seven years old, counts seventh year of existence from January 2, 2016 year the group is registered as “Independent youth theatre of N.N.L.I Kutaisi state youth theatre”.”


Kecskemet Folk Ensemble


“The Kecskemét Folk Dance Ensemble was established in 1976. Its maintainer is the Hiros Agora Culture and Youth Center. This young group of Ensemble have numerous professional and social awards and made guest appearance and transmitted the traditional dances in numerous foreign countries.”


Khwapkimi Art Institution


“”Khwapkimi” is a Nepali indigenous word, which gives meaning of “Volcano” in English language. We are a group of young dedicated art workers. Khwapkimi Art Group was established in 2012, and we work in all sectors of the art field.”




The student folk group Martisorul of Cluj-Napoca is one of the best artistic groups of the entire country. Composed by amateurs, it is highly appreciated both for its originality and its great talent that promotes the traditional and creative spirit of the Romanian people.