International Fest & International Art Festival!

Today: International Fest & International Art Festival!

Downtown Waynesville will be alive today with the sights, the colors, the music & sound, the dancing and the art of Folkmoot International Fest & International Art Festival!Beginning at 10 a.m. and running through 5 p.m. on Main…
Town of Waynesville to Folkmoot: $35,000

Parade of Nations! Today! 1 p.m., Waynesville!

It will be a beautiful Western Carolina day today - July 17 - when one of the most popular annual Folkmoot events marches down Main Street, Waynesville: the Parade of Nations! Today!The parade kicks off around 1 p.m. near Waynesville Town…
Say, "hello," in Spanish - Folkmoot 2015

Folkmoot gets underway!

Folkmoot Friendship Center is already buzzing with activity as dance troupes arrive, get settled in, prepare to entertain and be entertained like the rest of us!Join us here throughout the day for live updates. ..