If you are willing to help with this celebration of the world’s cultural heritage, VOLUNTEER! All 2015 Volunteers, please complete this sheet and turn it in to the Folkmoot office or a Board member. We want to keep you, our faithful volunteers, and to give new volunteers the opportunity to contribute and participate. People who did/did not have time in ’13, may have different activities a year later, so even if you have volunteered before, PLEASE complete this new form. Thank you for your help. Folkmoot USA would not be possible without the help of our hundreds of volunteers, each individually indispensable
  • Volunteer Information

    *Limited numbers of volunteers can be used in these areas
  • Please volunteer for the 2015 Festival before July 1st, if possible. After the Festival, any Volunteer Forms received will be held for the 2016 Festival.FOLKMOOT USA, PO Box 658, Waynesville, NC 28786 Visit us at: 112 Virginia Avenue Email us at: info@folkmoot.com
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