Cultural Crash Courses

Join local experts for Folkmoot’s new series, Cultural Crash Courses, featuring lectures on a variety of current cultural issues, including global politics, race, immigration, gender, climate change, technology and multiculturalism. Content will be presented as a 45-minute community lecture followed by questions, answers and discussion. Doors open at 5:30pm, lecture begins at 6pm. Participants are welcome to bring a “picnic” dinner. Beverages will be available.
Tickets are $10 in advance.


December 18

Dan Bloom coined the term “cli-fi” in 2008 to define a genre of fictional works that grapple with issues related to climate change and the role that humans are playing in creating an increasingly unstable and volatile environment.

The emergence and popularity of works of fiction with a focus on human-made climate change is unsurprising given our growing awareness of the ways that our actions are impacting the planet and given the increase in speculative fiction about the possible end results of unchecked human activity.

In this talk, Dr. Wright will discuss the ways that some of these works of fiction engage with climate science, possible worst case scenarios, and potential modes of salvation.