Cherokee World Games

The World Comes to the Qualla Boundary for the Cherokee World Games

Welcoming five countries to the Cherokee Fairgrounds on the Qualla Boundary, the Cherokee World Games are a multi-sport cultural event hosted by Cherokee stickball teams. Featuring food trucks and Cherokee vendors.


Traditional Cherokee stickball teams host scrimmages with international group members, participate in games from those countries, and play a showdown match at the end of the day. Vendors participate.


2020 date to be determined


2020 date and time to be determined


Cherokee Tribal Fairgrounds, 545 Tsali Blvd, Cherokee, NC 28719

Cherokee World Games 2019 | Cherokee Stickball

Stickball has always been much more than a game to the Cherokee people. Though once this ancient sport served a judicial or diplomatic function by settling tribal disputes before they led to war, today it’s a living cultural tradition. Though the sport of Lacrosse came from stickball, there many big differences between the two games. For one, Cherokee stickball players do not wear any sort of padding or protective equipment. They don’t even wear shirts. Stickball is not a game for the faint of heart.