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Celebrate Christmas at Folkmoot Family Fa La La!

Celebrate Christmas at Folkmoot Family Fa La La musical event – Friday, December 4,  7 p.m. – 9 p.m. Haywood musicians will be performing and guests are encouraged to sing a long. Folkmoot is auditioning its newly renovated auditorium by opening up its doors to the community. A long time center for gatherings, Folkmoot wants […]

$30,000 grant to propel year-round Folkmoot

Folkmoot is very grateful to The Community Foundation of Western North Carolina and its affiliate, The Fund for Haywood County, for its gift: a $30,000 grant to propel year-round Folkmoot. The grant will provide resources to continue planning and  the development of the Center for Multi-Cultural Exchange, an effort to transition from a two-week summer […]

It was a punkin’ chunkin’ Spookmoot Sunday!

In case you happened to miss it – too bad for you – it was a punkin’ chunkin’ Spookmoot Sunday the day after Halloween! And we didn’t let a little drizzly rain stop us from Waynesville’s first (so far as we know) punkin’ chunkin competition and general smashed (sometimes rolled) punkins down the hill on […]

The spooky faces of Spookmoot

The spooky faces of Spookmoot were out in their bewitching best over the Halloween weekend as Folkmoot held its first Spookmoot Celebration and, well, excuse for a big ol’ party! What a great time! And the community came out in frightening ways to curdle the blood of any usually upstanding citizen! Our sponsors deserve a […]

Public Safety Warning: Boojum sightings!

There is today being issued a Public Safety Warning: Boojum sightings! Recent activity suggests the 7- to 8-foot-tall monster known as Boojum may be roaming down from its refuge in the Plott Balsams to forage among the good people of Haywood County, NC, for its beloved mountain gem stones and also, perhaps, for Halloween candy. […]

Show us your Spookmoot costume!

Show us your Spookmoot costume! C’mon, c’mon…we want to see! We can’t wait for the weekend and the Friday night Kid’s Carnival or the Saturday Halloween Fling & Costume Party for adults! We want to see! (And so does everyone else – you know, just in the interest of making sure we’re all not duplicating […]

Folkmoot Volunteers of the Year

Of all the many Folkmoot volunteers a few stand out each year for contributing over and above the call of duty and we try to recognize them each year as the Outstanding Folkmoot Volunteers of the Year. And 2015 was no exception to that rule, particularly given the changing faces and changing and expanding mission […]

Spookmoot will be Halloween epic!

We don’t want to scare you (well, yes, we do) but hauntingly put: Spookmoot will be Halloween epic! Everyone remembers the legendary Halloween parties which took place for many years in this usually peaceful valley. Like a headless horseman the legend returns to life for 2015 (hint: The Mountaineer is co-sponsor) and with it comes a […]

North Carolina fall color map!

Want to know when & where to see the best colors of autumn? Appalachian State University has your North Carolina fall color map!  Published annually by the Boone, N.C., university’s Department of Biology – specifically by professors Howard Neufeld and Michael Denslow – the 2015 map has a few additional enhancements: it plots specific towns […]

Folkmoot’s online efforts lauded

With Folkmoot’s online efforts lauded in The Mountaineer, Haywood County’s oldest newspaper, the traditional and the new blend in harmony – just like Folkmoot itself! “The international dance teams are long gone, but this year’s festival may well be a legacy one for the 31-year-old Folkmoot USA,” writes Mountaineer Editor Vicki Hyatt. “It marks a […]

Create a Folkmoot legacy all your own!

After three spectacular decades Folkmoot is progressing, transforming, expanding and now you can be part of the renewal and create a Folkmoot legacy all your own! Over the next few years, Folkmoot will grow from a 10-day festival of spectacular dance to a year-round center of cultural exchange, education, entrepreneurship and peace-building and you can […]

Bugling of the Elk in Cataloochee Valley

Among the many treasures of Western North Carolina, Haywood County in particular, is the late-summer, early-fall treat of hearing and seeing the bugling of the elk in Cataloochee Valley. Re-introduced into their native territory by the National Park Service in 2001, the elk population is thriving in the relatively remote corner of the Great Smoky […]