45% of the Way to Completing our Computer Fundraiser!

We want to say thank you to the donors who have helped us achieve reaching 45%!  Big thanks go out to Carolyn Gonzalez, Patsy Wells, Laura Ivey, Pat Wells, Karen Babcock, Rolf Kaufman, Andy Cooke, Irvine Cherry, John Tederstrom, and Aaron & Anna Morris!

Would you like to contribute yourself?  Please visit http://power2give.org/NorthCarolina/Project/Detail?projectId=8374.  We receive all donations at the end, even if we don’t achieve our goal,and we consider replacing any of the computers to be a step in the right direction.  Our generous donors have made it where we know we can purchase 2 of the 4 computers!  Every donation gets us a little closer to one more new computer.  We really appreciate the donations!

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2 thoughts on “45% of the Way to Completing our Computer Fundraiser!”

  1. When I go to the power2give site, it does not show that there are any matching dollars, so have the matching funds been exhausted? Also, it says that they take 12% of what I give! That seems huge to me. So, please let me know if the match simply isn’t showing, or if I should make a donation directly to Folkmoot to avoid the 12% deduction, now that they might be out of matching funds?

  2. Hi Sarah! Thank you for checking out the fundraiser! It’s true – the matching fund have currently been exhausted for now. I think they are working hard to round up more matching funds, but we are moving forward with the thought that it was exciting that we had matches for the first half of our fundraiser! We still feel confident that we can round up the remaining amount. It is still best to make the donation through power2give, but that’s a great question. For the funds to be earmarked for computer replacement, they have to go through this specific fundraising effort currently. I’m happy to email with you to talk more about this too – iveylj at gmail.com. 🙂 Thank you for checking out the fundraiser AND asking these questions! We really appreciate the interest – we think of it like this, every dollar gets us closer to replacing one more computer. We’d love to replace all four, but even if we replace three, it’s a huge step forward!

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