The 2017 Folkmoot Festival is July 20 – 30

On a year-round basis, Folkmoot recruits cultural performance groups from around the world. We strive to represent diversity and look for new countries and a variety of cultural expressions to impress our festival audiences.

To become a festival participant, group directors go through a lengthy selection process with our Group Relations Committee, lead by Rolf Kaufman and staff member, Elizabeth Burson. After selection, the groups begin fundraising, preparing travel plans and visa arrangements to ensure smooth travel to Waynesville, North Carolina. You can imagine there are lots of challenges for our group directors to arrange travel for 15 – 40 dancers and musicians representing their countries! Current staff resists complaining by thinking of the complexities back at the beginning when Jackie Boldon, a founding Folkmoot director had to do everything we do in person or by mail! Thank goodness for the internet.

Dance troupes invited for 2017 represent the cultures of India, Netherlands, Slovenia, Russia, Argentina, Taiwan, Israel, and Canadian-Welsh.

The 2017 Festival will also include performances by the Eastern Band of Cherokee and several Appalachian cultural groups.

Please always check our Schedule of Events for upcoming Folkmoot events, showcases, and classes.

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We welcome from the Netherlands

Dance Group Paloina Amsterdam

We welcome from Slovenia


We welcome from Argentina

Sentimiento Criollo

We welcome from India

Utkarsh Dance Academy LLP

We welcome from Russia


We welcome from Canada

Dawnswyr Gwerin Yr Afon Goch (The Red River Welsh Folk Dancers)

Dawnswyr Gwerin Yr Afon Goch and Enaid are busy practicing for the St. David's Day Concert this Saturday. It's not too late to pick up your tickets for dinner and the show! Call Alan Pollard (204) 475-1492

Nai-post ni Dawnswyr Gwerin Yr Afon Goch noong Martes, Pebrero 28, 2017

We welcome from Taiwan

Performing Art Department of the Yung- ping Vocational High School

We welcome from the United States

American Racket

We welcome performers from Cherokee