Folkmoot Ambassador - George Escaravage

George has been associated with Folkmoot since the early 1990s and served as President of the board. Neal Ensley, a dear friend of his, asked if he would like to join the Folkmoot Board of Directors and at the time George did not know what…

A Tribute to Rolf Kaufman

Rolf Kaufman has dedicated his life to Folkmoot. At 87, Rolf still volunteers almost full time to get our international groups to Western North Carolina each year. Born in Germany, Rolf spent the early part of his life fleeing from the Nazi’s…

A Tribute to Sara Queen Brown

Sara Queen Brown has been enjoying folk dance all her life through her father, Sam Love Queen. Known as “The King of the Square Dance” Sara’s father surrounded her with music, dance and calling every day of her life. In 1939, when Sara…

Friendship, French Fries and Folkmoot’s Celebration of Serbia

When many people think of the country of Serbia, they may think of the brutality of war. Hopefully, they also think of a rich eastern European culture, world renowned markets or even coffee. At Folkmoot, we think of our friends from the…

Upgrades at Folkmoot! Visit Us & Take a Look

Have you seen all the progress we’ve made on the Folkmoot facilities at the Historic Hazelwood School? We’d love for you to stop by and see what we’ve accomplished and to say HELLO! We’re awfully proud of some of the big and little…
Major is pictured in a Sagayan warrior uniform from the Maguindinao Region of the Philippines.

Power of Folkmoot - Major Julian

An interview with Major Julian, Director of Music, Parangal Dance Company from the 2015 Folkmoot Festival by Angela Dove. Like the other dance groups that attend Folkmoot’s international festival, the members of Parangal are dedicated…
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