Major is pictured in a Sagayan warrior uniform from the Maguindinao Region of the Philippines.

Power of Folkmoot - Major Julian

An interview with Major Julian, Director of Music, Parangal Dance Company from the 2015 Folkmoot Festival by Angela Dove. Like the other dance groups that attend Folkmoot’s international festival, the members of Parangal are dedicated…

International Peace Day

  International Peace Day was started in 1981 by the United Nations General Assembly, two years before Folkmoot was incorporated. In 2001, September 21 become the official International Peace Day and Folkmoot has been practicing…

Power of Folkmoot - Michael Tecle

An interview with Michael Tecle, Electrical Engineer from Charlotte, NC by Angela Dove While I was working on my degree in Electrical Engineering, the International Student Advisor at Western Carolina University explained that there was this…

The Power of Folkmoot - Mark Swanger

From an interview with Mark Swanger, Chair, Haywood County Commissioners, by Angela Dove: The economic impact of Folkmoot’s international dance festival on Haywood County is around nine million dollars per year. That’s hotels, restaurants…

Surprise and Relief - Welcome Shmeckie Media

Folkmoot is excited to announce a new member to our marketing team, Becky Seymour of Shmeckie Media! Seymour said “My first impression of Folkmoot was surprise and relief.” Becky Seymour, a Chicago native, moved to Waynesville in the…

Eritrea Friendship Dinner on November 5th

Join Folkmoot for an international evening of dance and cuisine from Eritrea. Summer staff members, Metkel and Michael Tecle will be joined by their family in preparing and sharing East African culture on November 5, 2016 from 6:00pm - 8:00pm. The…
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