Folkmoot Honors Ed Broadwell

Pictured from left are Patsy Rogers, Peggy Melville, Ed Broadwell, Bill Cole, Rolf Kaufman and Angeline Schwab.

At the quarterly Home Trust Haywood County Community board meeting in Waynesville, retired Home Trust Chairman and CEO Ed Broadwell was honored as an emeritus director for North Carolina’s International Folk Festival.

“Folkmoot’s board appreciates Mr. Broadwell’s continual advocacy, strong service and financial contributions to the Folkmoot organization,” said Bill Cole, board president. “Mr. Broadwell embodies our mission of bringing many cultures together in one community.”

Dana Stonestreet, CEO of HomeTrust Bank, said Broadwell’s recognition was well-deserved.

“Ed Broadwell recognized the intrinsic artistic and enrichment value Folkmoot could bring to the Western North Carolina community over 30 years ago,” said Stonestreet. “Since then, all of us at HomeTrust, as well as our friends and neighbors throughout our Western North Carolina communities, have had the unique privilege of being able to experience and get to know the talented people from diverse cultures and regions Folkmoot brings to our community each year.”

Thank you to The Mountaineer for covering this story.

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