Contribute: There are so many ways friends, groups and organizations can help Folkmoot in its mission to celebrate culture and embrace diversity.  “Time, talent and treasure” are always welcomed ways to support Folkmoot.

Sponsors:  Sponsorships range from festival events to our Friendship Dinners held throughout the year.  We can work with your budget and your goals to make your engagement with Folkmoot meaningful.

Volunteers:  Whatever your calling, passion or time commitment, we have a place for you at Folkmoot.  Gardening or painting, marketing or communications, fund-raising or friend-raising, we welcome you.  You can be an occasional participant or be more involved; it’s up to you.  But whatever you do for Folkmoot, just know it is important and appreciated.

Folkmoot Festival:  When the world comes to western North Carolina each July, we seemingly do the impossible:  In 2016, for example, we hosted nine international groups, three parades, two outdoor festivals, drove 5,000 miles in ten days, and served 1,200 meals each day of the festival.  So, drivers, cooks, guides, greeters (and on and on and on) are all welcomed and needed. Additionally, paid support helps underwrite the huge costs of operating the festival.  Corporate and media sponsorships and Friends of Folkmoot memberships are critical to our success.

Special Projects:  There’s never a time when we’re not in festival mode and with Folkmoot’s commitment to more year-round programming and activities, our needs remain steady.  Whether it’s a sound-proof curtain for the Sam Love Queen Auditorium or blankets and sheets for our performing troupes who stay at the Friendship Center, we are always looking for goods, services, and donations.

Campaign for Folkmoot:  Three focused areas of giving ensure the future of Folkmoot and its critical role in leading cultural education, engagement, and celebration.  They are the rehabilitation and maintenance of the Friendship Center, the enhancement of the Folkmoot Foundation, and the sustainability of year-round programming.

The following is a letter from our Executive Director, Angeline Schwab and Board President, Bill Cole:

Dear Friend:

Every July, we dance and sing with cultures from all over the world. Then at the conclusion of the festival, we send home 300+ goodwill ambassadors who have a better understanding of American culture and we have influenced countless minds in our own community.

Folkmoot USA allows us to look at how diversity is something to celebrate.  It shows us how sharing culture can be a bridge to better understanding, and how Western North Carolina truly showcases the U.S. at its best when it welcomes the greater world to our mountains.

Now more than ever, our world needs to appreciate the diversity of humanity.  That is at the heart of Folkmoot’s mission.   But it requires your support, as a financial contributor.  Your gift to Folkmoot USA enriches our community, teaches our kids the value of inclusivity and gives us an opportunity to see that different cultures can harmoniously co-exist.

We know the immense value of growing Folkmoot festival, year-round programs, seasonal events and community outreach.  We see every day how what we do matters to our region. Our friends are asking for more cultural conversations, more programs in the schools and more ways to use dance and share food and friendship as cultural entertainment and education. Folkmoot programs reach youth, families, seniors, visitors and residents with events that showcase regional and global heritage.

Your support means the world to us, and yes, that pun is intended.  As our friends, you make it possible to invite the world to the Friendship Center.

We hope you choose Folkmoot USA as a worthy organization for tax-free giving. Please review the attached sheet and choose one of the giving opportunities.   Should you wish to discuss any gifts or ideas, we would welcome the opportunity to talk or meet.

In friendship and appreciation,

Angeline Schwab, Executive Director
angie (at)

Bill Cole, Board President
billandjanecole (at)

Folkmoot USA is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. Donations are generally deductible minus the face value of tickets and cost of advertising. Please consult your attorney or accountant on how to best use or apply the deduction to which you are entitled by your gift.

To make a contribution by mail, download and print this form.

Request more information by filling out and submitting this form. Be sure to write, “Friends of Folkmoot,” in the subject line.