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Volunteer Opportunities at Folkmoot

Hello Friends! The 2017 Festival is approaching quickly. I am so excited for my first year as a staff member and to work with all of you side by side! There are several opportunities to volunteer before, during and after this year’s festival. I know with your support we can make this the best festival […]

Folkmoot Staff Is Getting Pumped For Folkmoot 2017!

There are many sensational aspects about the festival and each year breeds new excitement. There are numerous things to look forward to such as the costumes, music, dance, and interaction with people from all over the world. This year Folkmoot has new venues and groups that are getting the Folkmoot community eager for the festival […]

Meet Glenn Arnette, Folkmoot Emcee & Board Member

Though Glenn Arnette is new to Folkmoot, he is already making a large impact on the organization. After first attending the festival three years ago and being fascinated by the performance, he wanted to become more involved. In 2016, he became an emcee and hosted ten shows, including the Gala and the Candlelight Closing. Last […]

Calling All Crafters

Creating cultural crafts is a Folkmoot Festival activity that hundreds of kids love to experience each year. The crafts planned for 2017 are inspired by traditional crafts from The Netherlands, Israel, Russia, India, and Native Americans handicraft. This year, the Folkmoot Festival will feature kid-friendly, cultural arts and crafts at several events including Camp Folkmoot, […]

Tuscola & Wanyesville Band Instructors to Lead the International Band

Returning to Folkmoot as the festival music director is Dillon Ingle, and joining him is festival newcomer, Adam Stewart. The directors are responsible for orchestrating the opening numbers and other performances throughout the festival and will be incorporating percussion and jazz ensembles made up of students from local music groups to bring an American sound […]

Folkmoot 2017: Šaleško folklorno društvo Koleda of Slovenia

The folk dance group Koleda, founded in 1971,  comes to Haywood County from Velenje, Slovenia. The talented members of the troupe devote much of their time to practicing folk music and dance. The program includes different dances from various regions of Slovenia. The main goal of the group is “…faithfulness to the ethnographic authenticity of […]

Folkmoot is Seeking a Part-time Bookkeeper

Folkmoot is seeking a part time Finance Manager to join our team of five year-round staff and 30 seasonal workers.  Headquartered in Waynesville, North Carolina in the historic Hazelwood School, Folkmoot is a nonprofit organization celebrating our 34th festival in July. Our festival has featured heritage dance and music groups from almost 200 countries and […]

Volunteer Spotlight: Vivian Poppas

It takes a community to keep Folkmoot alive and have a successful festival each year. There are many tremendous volunteers that Folkmoot is grateful for but there is one volunteer that has been assisting the organization for years and always exceeds expectations. This exceptional volunteer is Vivian Poppas and she has been making a huge […]

Folkmoot 2017: Ogon’ki Ensemble from Russia!

The Ogon’ki Ensemble will be representing Russia in this year’s festival. The group is bringing to the festival about 40 members consisting of musicians, dancers, costume designers, and choreographers from a wide variety of ages.   Russian folk dance has always been a very important part of Russian culture. Much of Russian folk music and […]


Folkmoot is excited to welcome back the talented group, Paloina Amsterdam. Paloina International Dance Group was founded in 1971 by Johan and Erda Baerents. This well-schooled group is known for its verve and energy and is a member of CIOFF. The team is made up of 25 young dancers and six musicians who have been […]